Cell Phone Repair Boise is YOUR full-service cell phone repair shop.

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We will troubleshoot with cutting edge diagnostics and fix all major makes and models of cell phones. From screen replacement to water damage give us a shot before giving up on your smartphone or tablet.

When your cell phone is broken and you need fast, reasonably priced and dependable service call Cell Phone Repair Boise for your cell phone repair! We are a full-service cell phone repair provider specializing in iPhone, iPods, Samsung Galaxy phones, and LG smartphones.  We are also specialists repairing tablets, like the iPad, kindle and Galaxy Tab, and other handheld devices. Chances are good that if your mobile device isn’t fully functional we can repair it with in stock replacement parts within 30 minutes while you are waiting. Come in and experience our expert cell phone repair team.

Our mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Life has a habit of testing the limits of our cell phones and mobile devices. We have heard countless stories involving kids, cars, toilets, and even water skiing that all ended very badly for the cell phone.

  • “My kid dropped my phone in the water cup at Five Guys.”
  • “I left my iPad on the roof of my car just before I drove down Eagle Road during rush hour”
  • “I was ‘multitasking’ while taking a bio break and there was a sudden splash…”
  • “I forgot that my phone was in my trunks when I jumped in the hot tub.”
  • “My wife didn’t check my vest pocket before doing the laundry.”
  • “My phone got run over on my way down Hulls Gulch at Camels Back. Look at these skid marks.”

Whatever your story is you can count on our team to fix your device – regardless of model – just bring it in for a free diagnostic checkup! When ‘life’ happens to your cell phone let our expert technicians repair your cell phone or mobile device. It’s what we do better than any other smartphone repair shop in the region. Our promise to every customer is fast, reasonably priced, dependable repair on all models of cell phones and tablets.

With so many things that can go wrong with your phone we offer a free diagnostic exams and the following types of cell phone repairs. Best of all we guarantee our repairs so that you can relax and reconnect your life.

Here is a list of the most common issues that we repair. If you don’t see your particular problem, don’t despair. Our qualified team of technicians will troubleshoot your device and if they can’t fix it then its free.

Diagnostic Analysis: There are a lot of reasons your phone is slow or under-delivering. We can hook it up and see what’s wrong.

Screen Repair: Does your screen look like a spider web? Let us help you restore that flawless portal to your virtual world by replacing the cracked screen.

Water Damage (immersion): If your phone didn’t come back after 24 hours in a rice retreat bring it in and we can help diagnose and troubleshoot your device.

Battery: Do you have charge your phone every 3 hours? A new battery pack will breathe new life into your phone.

Speaker Repair: “What’s that Siri?” We can repair your cell phone to guarantee that you’ll hear your morning alarm, favorite tune, or facetime request.

Camera Repair: Make sure the camera that you always have with you always works.

Headphone Port Repair: Don’t be stuck with what’s playing on the gym’s PA system. Get your headphone port fixed and rock out to your favorite playlist.

Charging Port Repair: Dead phone, bad! We’ll get it charging again.

Power and Home Button Replacement: When there is only one button you should make sure that it works.

Unlocking: Enjoy the freedom of an unlocked phone if you’re at the end of your contract.

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