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Do you want to know what’s going on inside your cell phone? Why it’s slow perhaps?

Cell Phone Repair Boise specializes in understanding the deep technology impacting your mobile issues. If your iPhone or Android device is “sick” we’ll find the root cause and prescribe the remedy. No issue is too small.

We will do a suite of tests to understand and assess the issues on your IOS or Android. This includes…

  • Battery Test: This will tell us if your device needs a simple batter replacement
  • App Analysis: We’ll be able to check your apps to see if there are any misbehaving by consuming too many device resources.
  • Malware Analysis: We can help you identify any issues that other, perhaps unintentional, software installs may be having on your device.

We promise you, the customer, that we’ll find an answer to your cell phone issues. Our goal is to make talking and texting painless.

Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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