We're here for all your cell phone repair needs

You bring your cell phone or tablet in and we'll bring our deep technical troubleshooting

Are your cell phone batteries weak?

When your cell phone battery doesn’t hold a charge like it used to or even if it doesn’t hold a charge at all we have the solution.

Let us repair your broken screen

Stop showing off your selfies with a cracked screen. We can typically replace a broken cell phone screen in less than a half an hour.

Is your cell phone speaker busted?

We can repair your speaker so that your favorite videos and tunes come in loud and clear. Our team of technicians will do your repair quick!

Did your phone get immersed in "water?"

We will leverage our cutting-edge diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the water damage, find any broken components and repair you cell phone quickly. We’ll get the water out! Trust us, this IS what we do.

Is your cell phone camera broken?

Half the time we’re texting and the other half we’re capturing life as it happens around us with our cell phone cameras. If yours is broken we’ll replace it so to get you back to capturing your epicness.

Let us repair your home or power button

When you can’t click the home button or if the power button is not working then we can replace the broken button and grant you the ability to make your phone behave. Let’s fix your cell phone.