Replace Cell Phone Battery Boise

Let us diagnose why your phone is burning through its battery. There are lots of tweaks we can do to prolong your battery life and decrease your need to charge midday. Battery issues are common and lucky for you we know the tricks of the trade.

When you’re plugged in you’re not mobile. Let us help you fix battery drain and eliminate the hassle of carrying another battery pack or charging in the middle of your day to ensure you don’t miss a call. Sure, we may find that your battery’s not holding a charge and that you need a replacement but often times we can get your cell phone’s power consumption balanced. Imagine turning your phone into a battery sipping powerhouse. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our end game is to make sure you have power when you need it. Who want’s to miss that important text message?

If you are experiencing issues with your cell phone’s battery don’t worry. At Cell Phone Repair Boise we will diagnose the issues and if necessary replace your battery. Trust us, we’ll have you texting, talking, and mobile in no time.

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