Cell Phone Camera Repair Boise

Boise Cell Phone Camera Repair

If you are dealing with camera problems we can help you get back to shooting. Don’t let life pass by with a janky cell phone camera just think of all those missed opportunities at selfies. Seriously though, nobody wants to be without a camera these days and modern cell phones have made it so easy to have one nearby. ¬†At times you may experience camera problems like a cracked lens, fuzzy pictures, or it may be that the shutter will not open or close. Worst case the camera doesn’t even “wake up” when you have a perfect photo opportunity.

For all of the above and more our team of trained technicians can help you get back to capturing life’s moments. Do any of the following, totally fixable issues, stand in the way of capturing every photo opp like a boss?

  • Mobile device camera won’t start
  • Due to an accidental drop the camera lens cracked
  • Nothing is happening when attempting to capture video
  • The cell phone isn’t allowing pictures to be taken

Boise Cell Phone Repair offers solutions for a wide array of Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices that include camera repair.

  • We can diagnose your issues to know if it is a simple fix or a damaged cell phone
  • Often we can help troubleshoot your phone issues by giving you helpful advice
  • Our goal is to have your mobile device fully functional after we complete our phone repair work
  • We will get you back to shooting pictures in a jif

Just give us a call or fill out the form and we will diagnose your iPhone, Android, Windows phone or just about any mobile device to get you back to taking pictures, sending mms messages and video chatting in no time.

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