Charging Port Repair Boise

Charging Port Repair

Did you know that having a broken charging port is one of the most common services we provide? If you can’t recharge your device provides very little value…none in fact. Perhaps your charging port got bent on a hasty removal of the charging cord or maybe its just for normal wear and tear . Regardless of how your cell phone got to where it is we are here to repair your phone and get you back to charging in no time.

There are even other ways we can damage our phones charging port. Watch out for the following issues:

  • Using your phone as a shovel or just getting dirt jammed in the charging port
  • Water damage can seep in through the port
  • Using a shoddy charging cable or charger

Whatever your predicament with your phone’s charging port is Boise Cell Phone Repair is your #1 cell phone repair and service company in the Boise area!

Give us a call or fill out our form. All our work is guaranteed. You can now go about your day without missing a single message thanks to our fast service and affordable repair costs.

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