Headphone Port Repair Boise

Headphone port repair

If you hear any of the symptoms while listening to music or trying to talk, you could be having issues with your headphone port. Checkout the list:

  • Crackling noises
  • Fading in and out or wavering volume
  • Low volume
  • Hissing or distorted sounds

Do any of the above sound familiar? All of the above could mean that you might have a broken headphone port on your device.

Before you bring in your device clean all the dirt out with a toothpick or canned air. Try a couple different sets of headphones and test your headphones in another device to ensure that your headphones are the guilty party.

If neither of the above two steps work, then call us. We will ¬†test your device with our fancy tools and be able to¬†quickly diagnose if the problem is the port. If our tests show that it is the headphone port we’ll replace the necessary parts. All our work is guaranteed.

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