Cell Phone Home and Power Button Repair Boise

Home Button Repair

When you want to “phone a friend” and your cell phone’s home button isn’t working, you’re on your own. If you press down, press and hold and then press down again and your phone does nothing then it’s time to take your device to the cell phone repair specialists at Boise Cell Phone Repair.

Let us help you reconnect with your phone by replacing either the home button or the power button that’s not working. We can get those buttons repaired quick and get you back to talking, texting or watching cat videos. When your phone works the possibilites are endless.

Perhaps you’re unsure if the phone’s buttons are the problem or if it is another component. Don’t despair bring in your mobile phone today and we can run some diagnostics on it and determine if your battery needs to be replaced or if the root cause is actually a problem with your charging port. We look forward to fixing any cell phone repair you need — We’ve seen it all! We’re here to provide you quick, affordable service. Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll do everything we can to repair your phone. All our work is guaranteed so you can enjoy your device and the piece of mind that comes with our qualified service.

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